Premier maker of competition-tough riding apparel that looks good anywhere.

The leading custom performance saddle for 40 years.

Supplements for total health horse, powered by nutrition.

Hand-woven wool saddle blankets, rich in color and beautifully designed.

Boots of unsurpassed quality, hand-made in Texas since 1853.

Leading supplier of top-quality protective legwear, tack, equine wear and accessories.

Hats that last for a lifetime, and look good doing it.

Supplements and veterinary formulas that support digestive health and conditioning.

Orthotic-fitted therapy boots for safely solving soreness, stall stiffness, and hauling stress.

Ultra-Premium Horse Feed

Cutting edge treatment for osteoarthritis in horses and dogs!

Polyglycan® is a patented formulation designed to replace lost or damaged synovial fluid.

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